I kinda forgot I had this page and have been solely updating and writing on Instagram! Sorry if there was anyone out there waiting for updates. I just updated the main page if you want to catch up.

All cancer aside, the rest of my life is so full.  Family, friends, community etc.  I even run the PTO at Joaquin’s future elementary and am currently writing a book. I know, I know….that book i’ve been writing fooorrreeevvvverrrr.  but ya know, I think, for a very good reason, I never wrote THAT book.  Because the one I’m writing now….is really special and this process and topic is changing my life in the most fantastic ways.

I can’t wait to share it with you soon.

with all my love,


One thought on “Updates???

  1. Melissa Smith Baker says:

    Loved this update. Thanks Vivian. Can’t wait to read your book.

    Got some more news about you and yours from Sandy today. Just spent some time with her. How wonderful that she’s back from London!!

    Love and light, Melissa Xo

    Melissa Smith Baker, MA Relationship Educator and Author mel@lovingforkeeps.com 707-228-0287 Lovingforkeeps.com



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