One down! 

I read that if you paint your nails black before chemo, they won’t fall off. Not sure if it’s true, but man, I feel pretty cool! 

Infusion day had a rough start in getting an IV placed (I’m used to that with my teeny tiny veins) but once everything was up and running, I sat back and “froze” my mouth with delicious homemade popsicles. 

Then we got a surprise visit from my childhood friend who just so happened to be visiting from Texas and in the neighborhood! We passed the time making inappropriate jokes and trying to keep our giggling to a minimum as to not upset anyone around us 😬 After chemo, we went out for lunch and then parted ways. Such a lovely surprise! 

I got home in time to help make one of Joaquin’s favorite veggies…broccoli! I was still feeling great and enjoyed the evening with my munchkin. 

His shirt says “mom is my hero” 😭 Todat, the day after chemo, I’m feeling good! No symptoms so far! My doc is on board with me continuing all my supplements, and if you mix that with all the wonderful food that is pouring into our lives, I have no doubt that supporting my body through this will help me come out stronger! Big thanks to my amazing community that continues to support us in miraculous ways! ✨✨✨✨✨✨

So much love,


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