I’ll do it for him…them…us


I’m just numb enough to write this post.  I keep changing gears from numb, angry, scared, sad, and then, of course, determined.  I have to fight again….for him this time. I have to fight like hell.  I don’t mind fighting.  I think I’m pretty good at it by now. But this is different now.  My body has been compromised and I’m already weaker than I used to be and I have a super loving, needy, wild child speeding into his “terrible twos” to care for.  I don’t know how my body will react or what my physical capabilities will be, so I will most definitely be leaning on my community more than ever in the next few months.  But I have to fight.  For him. For me. For us.

I’m starting chemo on Tuesday, May 23rd.  Because the cancer seems to be progressing rapidly (it’s in my liver, bones and lymph now) my oncologist wants to do 2-3 rounds (possibly more) of chemo every three weeks to shrink the tumors before switching to hormone therapy. Since chemo will be wreaking havoc on my immune system and all other good things in my body, I’ll have to be simultaneously building up my body through nutrition.

Ways you can help:

  • Meals – Healthy food we can pop out of the freezer for dinner.  Or something fresh you can drop off at our doorstep.  or Juice. Even daycare lunches for Joaquin would be a fantastic help!
  • Playtime – Come over and play with Joaquin! He loves walks or going to an indoor or outdoor playground.  Have kids? Bring them over and play in the backyard! Ideally, you can set up the same time and day to come by every week, but we’ll take whatever we can get!
  • House – I doubt anyone ever says “I feel like cleaning someone else’s toilet today!” but hey, if that’s you, come on over! or maybe someone lost a bet to you… ha. ok. if toilets aren’t your thing, perhaps you can help with laundry or gardening etc
  • Financial – I’ve had to quit working and Sasha’s had a couple of gigs fall through recently, so things have been pretty tight recently.  Aside from basic medical bills that I am still paying from 2 years ago, the supportive care I will need while undergoing chemo adds up quick….and a new wig!  Supplements, acupuncture, therapies, juicing, etc are all part of the supportive care I will be taking to keep my body in fighting shape.  But also, continuing childcare for Joaquin is going to be crucial to let my body rest as much as possible.
  • Sasha – Take this guy out for a drink! or coffee. give him a call. send him a text. let him know he’s not alone. come over and hang.
  • Me – Good company and laughs.  Movies.  Gardening. Arts & Crafts. or just laying around and chatting about life 🙂


GoFundMe-Viva Vivian

Paypal – Viva Vivian

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