Here We Go Again…2017

Hello sweet friends,

It was in March of 2015 when I received the news of my recurrence while pregnant with Joaquin.  We all went on this crazy journey together.  It played out like a sad and beautiful, heartfelt drama with a happy ending.  I eventually stopped writing because things became wonderfully boring.  IT WAS GREAT! I’ll take boring any day compared to the how scary life can get.

We have spent the last couple of years honing our parenting skills (still with plenty to learn!), experiencing the rapid ups and downs of parenthood, and enjoying the life changing and often overwhelming love that comes with it all.  Joaquin has been such a beautiful addition to our lives and I’m grateful for every day we get together.

It seemed as if cancer was moving further and further away from us.  But a few months ago, my oncologist started noticing an upward trend in my tumor markers.  They were still in normal range, just higher than they had been over the last couple of years.  We decided to get an MRI of my chest and ended up finding two new affected lymph nodes and two small spots on my liver.  Like the two times we’ve found cancer before this, we are finding this early and taking action cautiously.  The next steps for me will be a CT/PET scan and a liver biopsy.

Sasha and I were devastated with this news.  How could this be happening again?  We spent a solid week living with the most morbid thoughts running circles in our heads.  Songs that usually filled us with love brought us into sobbing fits of sorrow.  Now that the dust has settled and the tears are all cried out, we are able to stand tall again and look directly down the path we are heading.  We don’t know what’s ahead, but we are ready to go there with strength, grace, hope, faith and, most importantly , love.

Thank you for being our unwavering support during these times we’ve needed you most.

Much love,


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