10 Days Home and reunited with my sweet boy!

After a total of 19 days in the hospital, I’ve been home for 10 days and I’m still feeling good!  I have a long way to go…but overall on the up.

My main objective during this time has been resting, eating, and rebuilding.  I feel so blessed to have my loving mom and the amazing Sasha by my side taking care of me and holding me up 24hrs a day.  They have been amazing and I know I wouldn’t be doing as well as I am if I didn’t have them in my lives.

The biggest news this week was that I successfully kicked C. Diff out of my body, tested negative, and finally got to see Joaquin!  After many bouts of crying over the 2.5 weeks we had been apart, I prayed and prayed for this moment, and it finally happened.


He’s doing so well now!  And so much bigger/plumper!  He’s 5 weeks old and up to 2 lbs 11 oz (he started at 1lb 8 oz).  The nurses say he’s super feisty, but every time I hold him, he’s the calmest, sweetest, baby boy.

I really hope this is the beginning of many more days of bliss.

Thank you for all the love and prayers that have been sent our way from all over the world.  It has made such a difference in my recovery and I feel that love on a daily basis.


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