17 Days in the Hospital – A Summary

A week ago, I started to write one of my more detailed blog posts about my journey in the hospital that started on July 6th.  But as I was writing it, I started feeling worse and worse and ended up back in the hospital.  I’ve been updating a bit on Facebook, because that shorter format is easier for me, but I never could get back here until today.  I won’t do my big detailed post…but i can at least give you some bullet points.

July 6th – Admitted to hospital for observation of Joaquin.  Had Preeclampsia.

July 8th – C – Section (Joaquin is doing great, so in love with him!).  Began suffering from Spinal Headaches from Epidural injury (blood in the brain).  Also had trouble stabilizing High Blood Pressure from eclampsia.

July 10th – 16th – Ended up in ICU with swelling in the brain from high blood pressure.  Lost all cognitive skills….don’t remember much of that night. CAT scan.  MRI.  Stayed in ICU for two nights.  The remaining days I stayed in the Stroke risk ward while I stabilized.  I was diagnosed with P.R.E.S. Syndrome (swelling in the brain that is already showing great signs of resolving itself).  It could’ve been fatal if Sasha and I hadn’t intervened (more on that another time)

July 16th – Released from the hospital with blood pressure medications and anti-seizure meds.

July 21st – Still feeling good and went to my first audition since chemo started!!!  It was a great empowering experience

July 22nd – Woke up feeling like I got hit by a truck.  Started having a low fever.

July 25th – Still having a fever.  Losing ability to read, make decisions, focus etc.  We went to the E.R. and they found I had very low sodium in my blood (which can lead to stroke).  Stayed a few nights in the Heart and Telemetry ward.  Renal Doctors on the case for the sodium.  Infectious Disease on the fever (no signs of infection in blood or urine).  Put me on Saline IV to boost my sodium

July 26th – Feeling so much better with the Sodium!!

July 27th – Had diarrhea, which was a quick sign to check for C. Diff. and put into Isolation.

July 28th – Tested positive for C. Diff and moved to the oncology floor.  Still in Isolation. Started antibiotics.  Also found out I booked the commercial I went out for!!!

July 29th – Already showing signs of improvement.  Lower blood pressure.  no more fever.  better poop 🙂

July 30th – Sent home!  Feeling better than I have in a month!  Just gonna rest for a while.  Finally.  So looking forward to working on this commercial, too!  It will help pass the time while I can’t see Joaquin ❤

Joaquin is doing so well!  Everyone in the NICU loves him and taking such good care of him.  It drives me crazy that I can’t see him while I go through this C. Diff stuff, but I know he’s in good hands.

I don’t have the energy to post photos right now….but there are some good ones of Joaquin and this whole experience on Instagram.  my account name is vivavivian.

looking forward to posting more in the future….things just got a bit hairy over here!

Things are looking up.  Focusing on healing body and mind.

So much love,


3 thoughts on “17 Days in the Hospital – A Summary

  1. amieegooch says:

    God Bless you Vivian!! You are all in my thoughts and prayers! Joaquin is absolutely adorable, I can see why the nurses love him so much!

    Many hugs, love and prayers!


  2. Melissa Baker says:

    Dear Vivian,

    Lovely, fantastic to hear from you. I didn’t know if no news was good news or bad! Congrats on landing the commercial through all of this. OMG — you’ve been through a lot, but you’re still doing great in so many ways. Very happy to hear that all is well with little Joaquin.

    Just got back from camping near Tahoe. Got hailed and rained out. The thunderstorms were epic. We were in a tent — an amazing adventure. Very fun at age 63!

    I’m sending you plenty of positive vibes. Hoping you’ll stay out of the hospital — except to visit your baby son.

    May August be a month of thriving relaxation for you, Sasha and Joaquin.

    Love and light, Melissa xo

    Melissa Smith Baker, MA Relationship Educator and Author mel@lovingforkeeps.com 707-827-1660 http://www.lovingforkeeps.com



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