Good News!!!


All of us here at the Viva Vivian camp are super excited to share a couple of pieces of excellent news.

First of all, I went in yesterday for my weekly blood count check and it was PERFECT!!!! After my 1st round of chemo, I had been struggling with keeping my white blood cell count up.  This made me feel extremely fatigued and of course more vulnerable to infections.  Mom and I did some research on how to boost white blood cells through nutrition and went to work (Beef Bone Mineral Broth has been a huge help).  I also added Iron, Vitamin D, Calcium, and Magnesium supplements to my daily regimen.

I must say, when I woke up yesterday, I knew I was good.  I could feel LIFE in my whole body (unlike how I’d felt over the weekend) I was even to able to do some much needed early morning Yoga. But getting the confirmation from my oncologist that all my bloodwork was fantastic lifted me up even further.  I’m still taking it easy physically as to not burn myself out….but I’m just so happy to be feeling so well.

Next, remember that pesky swollen lymph node that started it all? Well, before starting chemo, it was about the size of a chickpea or grape.  I found myself avoiding the area all together since finding out it was cancer.  I barely wanted to touch it.  It was the source of all my pain and I wanted nothing to do with it.  Occasionally, though, I’d send the area loads of love letting it know I didn’t need it in my body anymore.  It could go away.

Well.  It’s going away!  Last week, my oncologist noticed it was getting smaller.  Today, it’s about the size of a super tiny pea! It’s all working, and all the suffering through chemo has purpose.

Now, I continue on.  I keep fortifying my body.  Love everyday that I get in this wild world, and look forward to the grand prize in the form of a healthy, beautiful, baby boy.

Thank you everyone for your support, love, prayers, light.  I feel it everyday.

So much love,


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