“Forget All Your Worries” Getaway

I feel so grateful to be surrounded by so many fantastic people in my life.  Some I’ve known since I was a wee kid, others I’ve only met in this last year.  There are so many different tiers of friendship.  There is the friendship where we only check in every now and again but it’s as if we never skipped a beat.  We know that no matter how much time has passed, we will always have that little something that keeps us coming back.  Then, there are other friends who check in a few times a week and we know all the details of each others lives and our relationships feel more like family than friends.  Then, of course, Facebook Friendships.  Perhaps we haven’t seen each other in over 10 years but we are still so active in the lives we share on FB.  Those are fun.  I love keeping up with friends I haven’t seen or spoken with in ages.  It’s so great seeing who they are now and how they are doing.

Another tier of friends I have are who I like to call my “unicorns”.  Some of these unicorns I haven’t seen in almost a decade while some of my day to day friends fall into this category too.  These unicorns are my friends who I share a very unique bond with.  They know me on a much deeper level than almost anyone else and we share similar views on life.  Our conversations last hours and lead us deep into the night.  Every time we see each other, there is definitely magic in the air.

One of my unicorns gave me such a beautiful gift this week.  She knew how greatly Sasha and I had been suffering and gave us a “Forget All Your Worries” beach getaway.

It was such a sweet and loving gesture, and one that we would probably never do for ourselves.  I didn’t know how much I needed it until halfway through our getaway when I observed such a sense of peace and calm around us.

I will look back on those couple of days as I go through chemo for the first time on Monday and during any difficult times in these next few months.

Thank you, sweet unicorn.

IMG_0818IMG_0912 IMG_0911 IMG_0910 IMG_0909

Much Love,


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