MRI Update

Hi guys!

After a week filled with anxiety….we received excellent news!  The three MRIs I had done last week (brain, chest, abdomen) showed no signs that the cancer had spread.  It was such a relief as our fears can sometimes get the best of us.  It’s difficult to keep your thoughts from going down dark paths, so it’s so nice to have tests done to ease our worry and have peace of mind.

Our doctor also gave us our chemo start date.  We start one week from today and we had a chance to see the infusion center where I’ll be receiving treatments.  The space is a bit reminiscent of a day spa filled with leather recliners and soft music.

While we were there, we saw another young couple finishing up treatment.  Sasha said “Hi” as they walked by and I just caught a glimpse of the young man.  He had this rocker/european/artsy vibe. I remember seeing him and his wife in the lobby two weeks ago at our diagnosis.  It’s so rare to see another young person going through cancer.  At all our previous oncology appointments, Sasha and I have always seemed like the grandchildren of other patients and we tend to get the quizzical look saying “what are you guys doing here?”  Seeing someone else around our age is always tough and a reminder of how common cancer is becoming among younger people.  Someone recently compared it to a jury summons…I can’t help but feel they were right.  But like everything else…it’s what you make of it.

After leaving the infusion center, we stopped by the “Appearance” zone of the Disney Cancer Center.  It’s a cute shop where you can pick up accessories that help you go through things like losing your hair.  Sasha and I explored the wig area and I tried on some options.  Here’s the one I settled on and ordered….but not red…I’ll remain a brunette 🙂


These wigs are sold at a major discount through the cancer center, so we were quickly relieved by the price.

After wig shopping, we stopped at our favorite Chinese restaurant in Eagle Rock.  It was the first time in a week that I’ve been able to eat a decent meal.  My stomach has been such a mess, it was such a relief to feel good and eat well again.

Overall, things are looking better.  I’m feeling more and more ready to conquer this…gearing up for battle…if you will.  The good news from the MRI was a definite boost to our moods and I’m looking forward to a great week before treatments start.

Thanks for checking in.  keep sending us healing love and prayers.  we really appreciate it.

much love,


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