Week 18 Update: Wonky Week

FullSizeRender (2)

It’s been a tough week for Sasha and me.

I think I ate something wonky that threw me into a spiral of stomach issues, nausea, and almost an inability to eat.  I didn’t have morning sickness during my 1st trimester….but I’m assuming this is what it felt like.

Poor Sasha returned from Taiwan on Sunday night and spent Monday and Tuesday with me at the MRI and then we had an audition together on Wednesday for a commercial looking for “couples expecting a baby who are going through interesting times”….sounds like we’re a pretty good match for that one!

I’m slowly feeling better but overall frustrated because I really wanted my last moments before chemo to be as fun as possible, eating delicious food that may taste weird after chemo, spending time with Sasha and friends, etc.  But instead, I’ve been a mess and poor Sasha has had to start the care taking early.  And boy, is it tough to stay positive and strong when you’re feeling crummy.

I’m doing my best to be well.  Going on walks with Sasha (one of my favorite things!).  Meditating.  Praying. Resting. Eating as much as I can. And I even got in a bit of Prenatal Pilates today.

Baby update:  My belly is getting so big!  It’s so fun to think of my sweet boy in there.  Right now I can’t tell if I’m feeling him kick, or if those little pops are just digestion noises 🙂

Things I’m looking forward to:  Spending the weekend relaxing with Sasha. Seeing our baby at our next appointment! My parents will be coming into town next week to lend a hand.  It’ll be a great big help having them here.  Also, they got us a great patio lounge and dining set that will be delivered next week, so that’s fun! This will be such a blessing as it will let me spend as much time outside as possible instead of cooped up in the house 🙂

Things I’m grateful for:  This beautiful life.  My loving Sasha. The most caring family (mine and Sasha’s).  Generous and supportive friends.  Cuddly Smooch.  My amazingly supportive neighbors who have taken us in like family.  Our beautiful, relaxing, serene home.  Sunsets.  Chirping Birds.  Monarch butterflies.  Hummingbirds.

Thanks for checking in!

Much love,


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