Here We Go Again

Here’s the quick synopsis of what’s going on to bring you up to speed.

In October 2012, I was diagnosed with Stage I Breast Cancer and chose to have a bilateral mastectomy followed by reconstruction.  They tested my tumor and it showed that I didn’t need to have chemo because the chance of recurrence was so low.  I also couldn’t do hormone therapy because we wanted to have a baby.

Hormones play a big factor in why I’m going through this again.  We knew there would be risks, but not having any breast tissue gave us a bit more hope that I could get pregnant without a recurrence.

Over the last two years, all my oncology appointments and blood work have come back excellent.  No signs of concern.

In November 2014, I felt a swollen lymph node under my right arm closest to where the cancer had been.  It was happening simultaneously with an arm injury, so my general practitioner and oncologist both agreed it was due to that.

By January 2015, the injury was better but the swollen lymph had not gone away.  In February, I was a couple of months pregnant so I saw my oncologist again and mentioned the lymph node was still swollen.  He suggested we monitor it, since swollen lymph nodes can pop up during pregnancy, but if it was still there in a month, we’d have to investigate.

The month flew by as I did everything I could to help stimulate lymphatic drainage in hopes it would go away before my next appointment.  But it didn’t.

I had an ultrasound of the lymph that came back abnormal and a biopsy confirmed the cancer had returned.

The estrogen from the pregnancy has stimulated growth in the cancer cells, and the longer we wait to get rid of the cancer, the more likely it can spread.  Unfortunately, this means chemotherapy treatment that will start soon and last until I deliver in September.  Luckily, our baby will be protected in the womb from the chemo.

1 in 1000 women are diagnosed and treated for cancer during their pregnancy and research shows their babies grow up completely healthy and wonderful.  If you’d like more information on chemo during pregnancy, check out Hope For Two .

So that should bring you up to speed.  I will continue posting updates along the way.  Thank you for your support and encouragement as we go through this again.

so much love,


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